Houthi militias and forces loyal to deposed president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, continue to push their members towards missions that resemble suicide missions.

For instance, in the governorate of Hajjah, north-west of Yemen, the Midi-Hard front witnessed violent clashes during the past 24 hours - on Sunday - and the militias suffered from serious human and materialistic losses.

According to the media centre of the fifth military zone, 22 militiamen were killed and 17 others were injured, in the confrontations against the army and resistance forces, which are supported by the Arab coalition in north-eastern Midi.

Meanwhile, in Hard, more than 25 militiamen, including commanders, were either killed or injured, after army forces targeted them during a meeting.

The coalition targeted a camp for the militias in al-Jar farms, west of the Abs district in Hajjah, and killed 16 rebels and injured 17 others. The coalition's fighter jets also targeted the militias' reinforcements, posts and arms caches, in Hard and Midi.

In Taiz, the militias failed to regain control of posts they lost in the past few days, although Saleh resorted to elite and special forces.

The militia's failure can be seen in the human losses they're suffering from in Taiz, particularly in the eastern and western fronts, as the army and resistance forces have deterred their violent attacks, particularly in al-Maklkal surrounding and Sala, east of the city.


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