ADEN, Yemen- Shells fired by the Houthi rebels, killed at least five civilians and injured seven others, in Yemen's western port city of Hodeidah, over the last 24 hours, a government official said.

The official of Hodeidah's local authority, said that, a number of shells fired by Houthis indiscriminately, landed on houses located near the city's airport, controlled by government forces. The victims included two children and three women, in two government-controlled neighbourhoods of war-torn Hodeidah.

He added that, the Houthi-launched random shells, hit a displaced family, in a government-controlled area of Durayhmi district, wounding seven people.

The Houthis are taking advantage of a recent pause in the military campaign, and started launching counter-offensive attacks, in different areas of the Red Sea coast city, according to local military sources.

The temporary pause, declared by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was to give a chance for peace efforts, exerted by the UN Special Envoy, Martin Griffiths, to avoid military conflict in the densely populated Hodeidah.

Strategically situated on the Red Sea coast, Hodeidah, Yemen's fourth largest city, with a population of 600,000, is the only major port city under Houthis' control.

The Hodeidah port, which the Iranian-backed Houthis captured in Oct, 2014, serves as a key source of strength for the Houthi militias, because it is regarded as a lifeline for many Yemenis.