Houthis Shot Down “Spy Drone” Along Yemeni-Saudi Border

SANAA, Yemen's Shiite Houthi forces said, they shot down a spy drone over the Yemeni-Saudi border on Friday.

The spy drone of the Saudi enemy was downed, over a front-line in Asir, Houthis' TV, al-Masirah quoted Houthi military spokesman, Yahya Sarea, as saying.

There was no immediate confirmation from Saudi Arabia, which has been leading a military coalition against the Iran-allied Houthi militias in Yemen.

The war has killed tens of thousands of people and pushed over 20 million Yemenis to the brink of famine, according to UN aid agencies.

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, has been shuttling between Sanaa and Riyadh, to try to rescue a peace deal reached between Yemeni warring parties in Stockholm in 2018.

Source: NAM News Network