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SANAA, Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights condemned the attack on al-Khasha’a area in al-Khasha’a valley in al- Abdiyah district of Marib province.

The attack on the valley killed seven members of one family, including burning the victims’ houses and their properties as well as injuring others.

In a statement, Saba got a copy of it, the Ministry of Human Rights held the authorities in Marib fully responsible for such crime, which is contrary to human rights and principles.

The Ministry warned against the ideological approach adopted by the Islah party in exploiting its influence in the occupied land, calling on the international community, human rights organizations, and international organizations to urgently intervene and stop such barbaric practices against innocent civilians.

It pointed out that this crime is similar to the genocide crimes carried out by the al-Saud mercenaries of ISIS and al-Qaeda led by the traitor agent Hamoud al-Mikhlafi against the people of al-Rumaimah and al-Shami family in Taiz at the beginning of the aggression.

The Ministry of Human Rights confirmed that it will deal with this violation in terms of its powers and laws in line with its tasks locally and internationally.

It called on the society in Marib province with all its classes to reject and condemn the criminal acts and condemn them so as to avoid getting involved in violence, racism, and regionalism in order to preserve innocent lives and preserve the social fabric among the Yemeni community.

The Ministry pointed out that this crime violated human rights principles and it will be placed on the table of the international community and the councils of human rights and security to carry out their duties and humanitarian responsibilities in an optimal way so as to take deterrent legal measures against perpetrators of this crime and embody the effective application of fair human rights principles.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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