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Dozens of illegal African migrants have been detained in Yemen's second city Aden.

The migrants mostly from Ethiopia were arrested by Yemeni authorities on suspicion that they might be recruited to join militant groups in the country.

Fahman Attirih, head of security in Aden said,"We noticed that many are coming here, especially Ethiopians. They are all young men. We had some doubts and to be careful, we have put them in detention because we believe our enemies (rebels) Huthis and (former President) Ali Abdullah Saleh are recruiting them to fight in the war against our son in the south."

Despite, increasing instability in the Arab country, many migrants and asylum seekers continue to arrive by sea.

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) migrants make the journey from their places of origin, mainly from Ethiopia, through Somalia and Djibouti and across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen and the Gulf States.

Furthermore, this year, more than 87,000 migrants have arrived in Yemen from the Horn of Africa. At least 73 have died or are missing.


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