Industrial producer prices index down 4.78% in 9 months

The general industrial producer prices index decreased by 4.78 percent to 135.32 points from January to September 2023, compared to 142.12 points for the same period last year, according to the Department of Statistics monthly report released Tuesday. The decrease in the index was due to a decline in manufacturing prices by 5.98 percent and electricity prices by 2.63 percent. However, the prices of extractive industries increased by 5.98 percent during this period. As per the report, the index for September 2023 also retreated by 4.68 percent to 136.78 points compared to 143.48 points for the same month in 2022. The report attributed the reduction in the index for September to a decline in the prices of manufacturing industries by 4.50 percent and the prices of extractive industries by 14.0 percent. However, electricity prices showed an uptick of 7.44 percent.

Source: Jordan News Agency