SANAA, Information Minister Dheifallah Al-Shami on Sunday stressed the importance of Yemeni women's role in the field of media through their steadfastness alongside the men in the face of aggression over four years.

In a ceremony organized by the General Administration of Women and Children at the Ministry of Information, Minister Al-Shami praised the steadfastness of media women in all media institutions and the great role played by them in raising the awareness of society about the dangers represented by the US-saudi aggression coalition against society after its military and economic failure.

He pointed out that the Yemeni women media staff devoted time to serve the community awareness through the word and image ..

Pointing out that the Yemeni women media staff varied in their presentation of the media work between being a photographer to move the event in image and video and writer, as well as announcer to take a big place in the media scene and to transmitted the messages of challenge and steadfastness in the face of aggression.

The Minister of Information stressed the importance of enhancing the role of media cadres, including women cadres, reflected in their competence and ability to deal with what Yemen has witnessed in barbaric war for four years.

He also praised the steadfastness proved by the Yemeni women media staff and the awareness they displayed in her performance in various print, audio and visual media.

For her turn, Minister of State congratulated the head of the National Women's Committee, Radia Abdullah, the Yemeni women media staff, who represented the model in performance and mastery and conveyed the message clearly to the entire world over what is happening in Yemen, especially in the current circumstances experienced by the country.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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