Interior minister directs to improve performance of police stations, security points prisons

Interior minister Maj. Gen. Abdulkarim al-Houthi discussed on Tuesday the security performance during the first half of the year 1444 AH and the Ramadan security plan.

In an expanded consultative meeting held in the capital, Sana'a for the leaders of the Ministry of Interior and the security directors of the capital and the provinces, al-Houthi stressed the importance of doubling efforts in implementing plans and improving performance in police stations, security points and prisons as a priority and directing capabilities to improve their performance.

He stressed the importance of the Ramadan program and the enhancing the Quranic culture among employees of the security services during the holy month so as to improve the performance of workers in carrying out the tasks assigned to them in community service in general.

Al-Houthi directed the ministry's staff and officers to do good to people and take care of the prisoners in the central and reserve correctional facilities, the children and families of the martyrs, the wounded, the prisoners, the missing and those stationed on the fronts.

He urged to take advantage of the lectures of the leader, Abdulmalik al-Houthi, to review oneself, correct behavior, enhance awareness of the dangers surrounding the reality of the nation, work to touch people's conditions, study and address societal issues, and promote mobilization.

The Minister of Interior pointed out that the enemy is working by all means to target the home front and everyone must be at the citizens' trust in confronting the enemy's conspiracies.

Source: Yemen News Agency