Interior: Security agencies have gained access to Hassan Zaid’ assassination perpetrators

SANAA, The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the security services on Wednesday were able after careful monitoring and follow-up to reach the perpetrators of the assassination of Martyr Hassan Zaid, led by the intelligence services of the US and Israel aggression countries.
The ministry said in a statement that after carrying out the sinful crime, the security services began to go down to the scene of the crime and carry out the investigation and follow-up procedures.
Which led to the detection of the identity of the perpetrators, namely the criminal motorcycle driver Yasser Ahmed Saad Jaber Muthanna and the direct executor of the shooting criminal Ibrahim Saleh Abdullah al-Juba and after the completion of the information department was circulated to all security points with the necessary information to arrest the criminals carrying out the crime.
The information indicated that they fled towards Dhamar province, and the presence of the criminals was known and pursued until they arrived in the district of Maifah Anes entrance to the Horoor area, and with the help of honorable people from the area the entrance was surrounded and a large security deployment was carried out.
When calling for their surrender, the criminals started shooting at the security men and threw an attack bomb, injuring one of the security men, killing the criminal Ibrahim Saleh Abdullah al-Juba and seriously injuring the criminal Yasser Ahmed Saad Jaber and killed him.
The security services confirmed that they are tracking the movements of the cells of the states of aggression with great accuracy and vigilance and will repel any attempt to undermine security and disturb the public tranquility.

Source: Yemen News Agency