September 24, 2021

Iran’s Abdollahian visits Bassil, says Islamic Republic focusing on resuming political solution in Syria

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil met on Tuesday with Iranian Parliament speaker's special advisor on international affairs, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, over latest developments.

In the beginning of the meeting, Bassil thanked his guest for Iran's "non-intervention" in the Lebanese presidential elections.

For his part, Abdollahian told reporters that talks with Minister Bassil were "constructive" and "serious."

"We held a series of political consultations over latest developments in the region, especially in Western Asia," he said, adding that talks mainly focused on the Syrian and Palestinian questions.

"We are fully confident that the coming stage will witness bright political achievements, not just on the political level but also on the ground in the face of terrorism extremism, and Takfirism in Lebanon," he stressed.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is mainly focusing on resuming the political solution to the Syrian crisis," he indicated, adding that his country also upholds efforts aiming to combating terrorism.

"We confirm that, within the frame of our consistent policy to back the political process in the region, we shall spare no effort in resuming necessary support to reach political solutions in Syria and Iraq. We also consider that the just and righteous Palestinian Cause must always be central on the Islamic and Arab levels," he maintained.

Accordingly, he revealed that Iran would soon take the initiative to hold an international conference, to embrace the Palestinian Intifada.

"Iran confirms, once and again, that it is making unwavering steps in order to reach useful political solutions to the regional crises, in terms of supporting the political process, as well as of facing terrorist takfiri thought, and to provide strong and conclusive support for the Resistance," he concluded.

Separately, Bassil received the credentials of new ambassadors of Yemen, Japan, and India.

Source: National News Agency