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Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor said that the generous donation of people with special needs in various fields of life is a strong proof that the real disability is not in the body and its senses, but in the mentality.

This came during the PM's participation in the event organized by Al Noor Center for the Blind on Saturday in Sanaa, on the third anniversary of the bombing of the center by the US-Saudi-UAE-led aggression coalition aggression, under the slogan "Al Noor center is our light on our way toward the future".

He affirmed that the issues of people with special needs are of interest to the leadership of the State, which was keen to involve them to play their important role in the success of the project to develop the national vision to continue and develop the structure of the modern state of Yemen and the project, which was adopted by the martyr ex-President Saleh al-Samad under the slogan " A hand protects the country ... and the other constructs it" .

The Prime Minister added that "this project brings together all the Yemenis of all sects"

Stressing that "people with special needs have an important presence with us in our broad national culture, " adding" and the people with special needs, including the blind segment will be part of this national strategy."

Dr. Bin Habtoor pointed to the solidarity of the government with with the Center for the Blind, commemorating the third anniversary of the sinful aggression of the US-backed coalition and preparing to launch it in the fourth year, where its members became more strong and cohesive and determined to continue life in every sense of the word.

He pointed out that this segment is an authentic and active part of the Yemeni society and a living example of steadfastness and presenting a wonderful model in attendance, participation and steadfastness.

Pointing out that this is a message from the Yemenis and their various social segments affirming that they are present to defend the homeland and victory for its issues by all possible means.

The Prime Minister added that this occasion is appropriate to remind the world that the countries of aggression did not limit their aggression in the face of those stationed on the fronts and in places where fighting, but targeted even the blind category of Yemen people.

"They are looking and they think they will hit us in the weak range by targeting people directly a and we are proud, as well as this blessed group is out proud of this number of students, graduates and employees," he said.

He called on everyone to learn from this group valuable meanings in perseverance, interaction with life and positive interaction with its events.

The Prime Minister praised the center of Al Noor, is followers, who are filled with hope and optimism and radiate the light of science from their minds, breaking the barrier of silence of light, from which they were deprived and continue their careers with determination.

In his speech, Dr. Ben Habtoor addressed the fierce and despicable attack carried out yesterday by the UAE occupier against the Al-Mahdhar family in Shabwa and the use of Apache and its mercenaries and all mechanisms for oppress the people in this region.

He condemned the criminal act of aggression and the occupation of the US-backed saudi-led coalition and all the attacks on the safe in all the villages and cities of Yemen ..

He said that we will support our people in this unequal battle in which the Apache was used against the Kalashnikov personal weapon and yet faced and fought as heroes men and destroyed mechanisms and killed many mercenaries.

"From this rostrum we would like to thank our brethren who resisted this attack and fought for the souls of the martyrs who were martyred in this aggressive raid that killed more than 11 martyrs."

The Prime Minister expressed thanks to all those who took part in preparing for the commemoration of this anniversary and keen to attend the participation of Al Noor Center.

In conclusion, he directed the government agencies, including the capital Sanaa municipality and the relevant ministries, to provide support to this center and other centers that are active in this field.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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