A Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT), probed Doctors Without Borders' (MSF) claims that, an air strike by Saudi-led coalition on Abs Hospital in Hajjah province, central Yemen, on Aug 15, 2016, resulted in seven deaths and 13 injuries.

Based on confirmed intelligence information, that a group of Houthi armed leaders gathered in the north of the city of Abs, the coalition forces targeted the location of that gathering, JIAT media spokesman, Mansour Ahmad Al-Mansour, said, in a statement on Tuesday evening.

As a result, the air crew monitored a vehicle heading from the same targeted site southwards, and struck it immediately.

The vehicle was next to the building, which had no signs of a hospital before the bombing; later, it proved to be Abs Hospital, the Saudi News Agency (SPA) quoted Al-Mansour as telling reporters, at King Salman Airbase for Middle Sector.

"In light of what has been viewed from the facts of the incident, the team found that damages of the originally-untargetted building were due to targeting of the vehicle, a legitimate military target, which was next to the building.

"The joint team confirms that the coalition forces are to apologise for the unintentional error, provide appropriate assistance to those affected, and launch investigation with the persons in charge of the incident, to look into whether they have violated the accredited rules of engagement, and take appropriate action as regards the incident," Al-Mansour said.

The spokesman also refuted allegations by the Amnesty International that, Asmaa school, located in the city of Al-Mansouriya, in the Yemeni province of Al-Hodeida was subject to an air attack on Aug 24, 2015, saying that the site was hit based on surveillance information that the Houthi militia and forces loyal to former president were using the site as a headquarters and a storage and distribution post for weapons, smuggled via Al-Hodeida port.

Such usage classifies the site as a militarily legal target of high value, he affirmed.

Based on the rules of the international humanitarian law, the legal protection supposed to be enjoyed by civilian sites is dropped off this site due to its being used as a tool within the military effort, taking into consideration that the classes of the school have gone at the time, on an open vacation, in view of the surrounding circumstances.

The joint assessment team has, accordingly, reached the result that the procedures followed by the Coalition Forces, targeting the sites in question were intact and correct, the spokesman added.


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