JMP condemns kidnapping 7 women in Marib

SANA’A, Feb. 02 (Saba) – The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) condemned on Monday the kidnapping of 7 women by the aggression mercenaries in Marib province and taking them to an unknown destination.

In a statement, the JMP confirmed this crime is added to the series of crimes of aggression and its mercenaries against the Yemeni people.

The JMP considered raiding the homes of displaced persons and abducting women as a crime against humanity that runs counter to all Yemeni customs and traditions and a stain on the perpetrators.

It emphasized that this crime was not the first, rather it was preceded by similar crimes in the areas held by the occupation.

The JMP parties called on the free Yemeni people to defend the land and liberate every inch of Yemen from the invaders and their mercenaries with all available means.

Source: Yemen News Agency