JMP refuses to support transitional justice draft law

FNA 07.01.2013 The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) announced on Monday’s parliament session their refusal to endorse the transitional justice draft law which is tabled before parliament.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Qobati, deputy head of the socialist parliamentary bloc, said the draft law has nothing to do with GCC initiative criteria and said his party would refuse to support the law.
Parliament started discussion on the transitional justice draft law yesterday and decided to refer it to three parliamentary committees for study, including the constitutional committee, the freedom committee and the codification of sharia law committee.
MPs Abdul-Wahab Ma’odah and Abdul-Karim Jadban agreed that the transitional justice law came for the benefit of Sana’a and its suburbs. Jadban added that the law concerns only some of the capital’s neighborhoods.
Islah MP Mohammed Najib al-Hazmi said the law was timely and necessary for reconciliation, adding that the draft law could be opened to include events and issues up to the 1948 revolution.