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SANA’A, The Yemeni joint meeting parties (JMPs) on Saturday condemned the Sudanese regime’s public normalization with the Zionist entity, considering that a dangerous slipping and falling into the arms of the nation’s enemies.
In a statement they issued, the JMPs confirmed that the Sudanese rulers hasten to announce normalization after the UAE and Bahrain did in order to guarantee that they remain in power under American and Israeli tutelage.
The statement indicated that removing the name of Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism is nothing but “a false title that has no basis in truth.”
The joint parties called for the Sudanese people and free parties to adhere to the causes of their nation, on top of which is the Palestinian cause, and to reject this step that would only bring them more crises and would not achieve the renaissance and growth they aspire for.
The statement affirmed that this unjustified position by the Sudanese regime is “a great treachery”, especially after the U.S. President Donald Trump moved the American embassy to the Holy Quds city and considered it the capital of the Zionist entity, and that means the displacement of the remaining Palestinian Arab people from the land of Palestine.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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