Kabalan: Slackness in punishing collaborators with Israel and Takfiri gangs’ treason

Vice President of Higher Islamic Shiite Council, Abdel Amir Kabalan, said on Sunday that the slackness in punishing collaborators with Israel and takfiri gangs' was an act of treason.

Kabalan called upon the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to assume its role and responsibilities and to keep its meetings open for Arab and Islamic solidarity as well as to stop the bloodshed in Yemen and Syria and to solve the crisis in Bahrain.

"Our leaders and commanders should sense the takfiri threat against their people and their country in order to form a front to fight takfiri terrorism, which threatens the security and stability of our country," he added.

Kabalan called upon all Lebanese people to protect their nation by maintaining its institutions, its borders and its security and stability, which requires the support of the army and security forces.

Source: National News Agency.