SANAA, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of "provoking war hysteria" via allegations that India downed a Pakistani fighter F-16 during a confrontation between the two countries last February.

"The truth always prevails, and it is always the best policy," Khan wrote in a tweet on Saturday.

"Bharatiya Janata Party sought to win the election by provoking war hysteria and alleging the downing of a Pakistani F-16 fighter, but it was counterproductive as US defense officials also confirmed that the Pakistani fleet is not lacking a fighter of this type."

The US-based Foreign Policy magazine quoted two US officials as saying that all Pakistani F-16 fighter jets were present, contradicting what the Indian air force said over downing one of the fighter jets.

The magazine said in a report published on Thursday that two US defense officials familiar with the matter said that US military conducted a census of the F-16 Pakistan aircraft and found that they were present without any lost aircraft.

If the US report proves to be correct, it will bring a new blow to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of elections due to begin this week.

The two countries fought an air battle over disputed Kashmir after a day when then Indian warplanes have crossed the border into Pakistan for attacking a suspected anti-New Delhi militant camp.

The Indian aircraft was shot down during while its commander was captured and Islamabad was later released him.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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