The State of Kuwait has offered four ambulances and seven tonnes of different kinds of medicines to the Yemeni city of Taiz, as part of its humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people.

The aid was delivered by Abou Ismael bin Issa Al-Qurashi, Kuwaiti Higher Committee for Relief representative, to Taiz Governor, Ali Al-Muammary, Thursday morning, in the temporary capital of Aden.

Such ambulances and medicines will work on alleviating suffering of patients at hospitals in Taiz, which are attacked every day by random shelling, Al-Muammary said. His remarks were delivered in Riyadh.

He expressed his gratitude for the delivery of this humanitarian aid to the city, which has been suffering from the besiege imposed by the Houthi militants.

"Kuwaitis have been helping their Yemeni brothers and sisters," he noted, thanking the country, the Amir, and the government for this generous support.

Meanwhile, Kuwait Red Crescent Society Director General, Abdulrahman Al-Oun, said that, the visit to Aden and other places, aims to be briefed on situations there, so as to offer aid to needy people, stressing continued assistance to the Yemenis.

Abou Ismael also expressed his appreciations to Kuwait, the Amir and the government, for their unlimited support provided to Yemenis in all fields.

The festival of delivering the aid was attended by some officials from the two sides.