Landing of Yemeni aircraft at Sana’a airport at night confirms its operational, technical readiness : Transport Minister

The Minister of Transport, Abdulwahab al-Durra, confirmed that the landing of the Yemen Airlines aircraft for the first time Monday evening, since the closure of the airport in 2016 confirms the operational, technical and professional readiness of Sana’a airport around the clock.

The plane arrived from Jordan’s Queen Alia Airport with 280 passengers.

In a statement to SABA, Minister Al-Durra stated that Yemen Airways 330 had received all ground and navigational services at Sana’a International Airport, including the night lighting system, it was equipped with high professionalism, and in short time by a Yemeni professional cadre of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority.

He thanked the General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology for implementing the development plan of Sana ‘a International Airport after being bombed several times. The plan is prepared to receive flights from different destinations to serve traveling citizens for several countries.

Minister Al-Durra reported that the plan included the rehabilitation of the aviation field and the maintenance and lighting of the runway, so that night flights could land and take off.

Source: Yemen News Agency