ADEN, Yemen, A landmine explosion struck a civilian vehicle, in the Red Sea port city of of Hodeidah on Monday, killing a Yemeni citizen and injuring three others, a government official said.

The landmine explosion occurred in Qatabah in the district of Khokha, destroying the vehicle and killing at least one citizen, in addition to injuring three others at the scene, said the government source.

The civilians were on their way to their residential area and passed through a nearby sub-route, that is not completely cleaned from landmines laid by the Houthi militias, the source said.

He added that the Houthi rebels placed many landmines in that area during the previous armed confrontations with pro-government forces, and civilians are now the victims.

The injured civilians were transferred to receive treatment at a field hospital, managed by pro-government forces in Khokha, located in Hodeidah's western part, the official said.

On Saturday, a Yemeni army commander, along with four of his bodyguards were killed during an explosion that targeted their military vehicle, in the northern part of Khokha district.

In recent weeks, armed confrontations between pro-government forces and the Houthi rebels continued in escalation, despite the cease-fire brokered by the United Nations during the Stockholm's peace talks last year.

Source: Nam News Network

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