SANAA, The Leader of Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Bin Badr al-Deen al-Houthi, said that Commemoration of the Martyrdom of Leader Sayyed Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi is an important station, from which we derive the determination and strength, adding that commemoration inspire and enhance our awareness and insight in face the continued aggression.

This came in a speech delivered Tuesday by Sayyed Abdulmalik on the occasion of the commemoration of the martyr leader in the fifth year of steadfastness in the face of US-saudi aggression.

"The painful commemoration of the martyr Hussein Badr al-Deen al-Houthi, whose memory has increased during the last period presence in our conscience via the position of leadership and guidance through his great Qur'anic project," he said.

The leader of the revolution said that the Islamic nation in general is targeted throughout history by many enemies and their influences our reality exists.

"The nation today is living the tragedy of the period of the American-Israeli offensive, which is present and hostile, adding that evading responsibility is futile and does not help," he said.

He pointed out that the nation needs a real vision on events and reality, challenges and risks and a true awareness on the enemy and their machinations .. He stressed that Sayyed Hussein acted on the basis of a legitimate project to work correctly to address the dangers and challenges and directions of enemies.

He pointed out that after the events of September 11 America and Israel moved in a comprehensive colonial attack that entered the nation at a dangerous and sensitive stage.

"This American-Israeli attack came under multiple headlines to penetrate the nation from the inside and bring it to a state of total collapse of control," Sayyed Abdulmalik affirmed.

"Enabling the enemy from our wealth, our position and ourselves make us lose dignity, sovereignty and independence, and our humanity," he said, adding "the right direction accepted by human instinct and the Islamic religion obliges us to face the challenges and risks to protect ourselves from the inside."

He explained that the enemy uses some systems and entities and tools to serve its project and exploits .. He indicated that Takfirists, the Saudi regime and the Emirates are moving under the same addresses that the US adopts to face all those who oppose the project of hegemony.

The leader of the revolution reiterated that US ultimately will not keep its tools in the future and will work to reformulate their regimes.

He pointed out that the dangerous attack to penetrate the nation from the inside tracks and various addresses accompanied by an unprecedented campaign of distortion of authentic Muhammadi Islam and America exploit Some of the followers of Islam with the aim of distortion in the absence of the right vision.

He also stressed that the nation when it loses the factors of momentum and construction and cohesion collapsed and became a large groups of sheep in the hands of the enemy ..

He said, "Enemies of Nations want that our nation become a consumer market and dependent on organizations and donations in order to exploit them in all areas.

He pointed out that the Qur'anic project, adopted by Sayyed Hussein started from a conscious reading about the enemy and the events and areas in which they moves..

He pointed out that this project focuses on fortifying the internal arena through a correct understanding of the enemy, its methods.

The leader of the revolution stressed that the battle needs awareness and a sense of responsibility to face injustice and servitude, pointing out that the Quranic project is based on practical programs in all the intellectual, political, media and economic tracks to confront the plots of the enemy.

"The priority of the Qur'anic project is to confront the enemies of the nation, US and Israel, and it is a duty imposed on us because of the reality of the broad battle," he said, pointing out that America is battling against the nation via its internal tools, exploitation to the countries' inside problems and working on their development.

He said that "popular action in the Quranic context proved its usefulness in the face of the Zionist enemy, as is the case with Hezbollah and the Palestinian factions."

He pointed out that the experience of awakening everyone is what made Iran in the position of force and protected Iraq and Syria against the attack Takfiri.

He added that "the enemies snatch the oppressed peoples under many headings if moved without awareness and without a clear project as happened in the Arab Spring." He pointed out that what Trump's vision expressed by what he called "cow milking" is the same American vision towards the parties loyal to them and exploited in various Areas.

He added that after Trump's position on the Golan, the puppet regimes have been released weak statements about the Golan and Palestine.

"We are interested in promoting the principles and values of the Qur'anic project to promote awareness, cohesion and trust in God," Sayyed Abdulmalik concluded his speech.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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