September 19, 2021

Lebanese delegation meets Head of Pakistan Senate

The Lebanese parliamentary delegation in Pakistan, including Deputies Hassan Fadlallah and Kassem Hashem, continued its talks on the sidelines of the MPs' participation in the Assembly of Asian Parliaments.

Fadlallah and Hashem met with Head of the Pakistani Senate Mian Raza Rabbani, in the presence of ambassador of Lebanon to Islamabad, Mona Tannir.

Fadlallah praised in a statement the parliamentary positions in Pakistan, according to which the country refuses to get involved in wars of the region.

He also emphasized "the efforts of this country to end the crises in the Arab and Islamic world as well as its action against takifiri terrorist strikes as terrorism affects both Lebanon and Pakistan."

For its part, the top Pakistani official called for developing parliamentary relations between the two countries, noting that Pakistan's position on disputes among Islamic countries is based on the need for dialogue, away from military solutions, especially in Syria and Yemen.

Source: National News Agency