Local authority of Taiz allocates 200 mln for maintenance of cleaning equipment

TAIZ, The local authority in Taiz province has allocated over 200 million riyals for the rehabilitation and maintenance of equipment belonging to the Cleaning and Improvement Fund and the Office of Public Works and Roads, which number 20 heavy-duty equipment.
Executive Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in the province Talal al-Sofi said that the rehabilitation and maintenance of those equipment comes within the framework of the province leadership’s efforts to protect the environment and promote the level of cleaning work and combating epidemics and diseases.
Al-Sofi explained that “these equipment were out of service, while we desperately need them, which required repairing the largest number of giant equipment and returning it to service.”
He added that a variety of equipment were restored after they were almost broken-down, indicating to the completion of the rehabilitation of the first batch of machinery and equipment.

Source: Yemen News Agency