September 27, 2021

Loyalty to Resistance Bloc hopes ending presidential vacuum soon

Loyalty to Resistance Bloc said it was following up on the communications between concerned officials to end the presidential vacuum, hoping that "seriousness and credibility would be available to reach as soon as possible a solution prone to elect a president for the country so as to restore the work of constitutional institutions."

The bloc on Thursday convened at its headquarters in Haret Hreik under the chairmanship of MP Mohammad Raad.

The bloc welcomed the dialogue, considering it as a source of hope to find solutions to pending local problems and anchor local stability.

It criticized the slow motion in dealing with the telecom file, saying that the judicial authority must decisively resolve the issue.

It saluted the tripartite solidarity among the army, resistance and public, saying that such equation will boost local security and remove foreign threats.

It also hailed the Syrian struggle against terrorism, hoping that the Syrian public and army would defeat terror and help find a political fair solution to the Syrian crisis.

The bloc attacked the Saudi performance in Yemen and criticized UN's silence at the US Saudi aggression against Yemen.

Source: National News Agency