Acting Prime Minister, Talal Aqlan, met in Sana'a, with head of Medecins Sans FrontiAres (MSF) mission in Yemen.

During the meeting, they reviewed the medical and humanitarian services provided by the French, Spanish, Swiss, and the Netherlands MSF missions, in a number of governorates in the country.

They also talked about the overall humanitarian tasks carried out by the mission, to contribute to treating the war wounded of the aggression and internal fronts, in addition to providing health services to mothers and children.

The MSF representatives provided a summary of other activities, such as transporting wounded people to hospitals and providing first aid and psychological support, as well as, dialysis reagents and medicines and oxygen, as well.

They pointed out that, the total of medical assistance provided since Mar, 2016, up to the moment, is at 1,750 tonnes, valuing support and coordination of the Ministry of Public Health and Population.

They affirmed commitment to provide humanitarian services to the Yemeni people.

For his part, the Acting Prime Minister, Aqlan, commended the humanitarian works implemented by MFS in Yemen, under the current hard conditions, due to the aggression, explaining the volume of challenges facing health sector, because of the prolonged aggression and siege.

He expressed hope that MSF increases its support for Yemen, specially under the increasing number of wounded people and patients of cancer and renal failure.