"The expected ministerial statement when the Council of Ministers convenes will be very clear in terms of the dissociation policy, in action and not words," MP Atef Majdalani said in an interview with "Radio Lebanon" on Sunday.

Regarding the relationship between the Lebanese Forces and the Future Movement, Majdalani explained that "in practice there is no belief of a conflict. The relationship with the Lebanese Forces has been shaken a little by what happened recently and this requires reassessment, but it does not affect the existing friendliness."

"The relation with the Lebanese Forces is based on the principles of the Cedar Revolution, and with LF there is much more that unites rather than divides," asserted Majdalani.

On the regional scene, the MP stated that, "Unfortunately, we know that there is a Lebanese side intervening through military forces in all neighboring countries, whether in Syria or Iraq or Yemen or Bahrain, as well as in Kuwait, and this has had negative repercussions on the Gulf States and Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia."

Majdalani hoped that "the developments in Yemen yesterday would have positive repercussions on the region," adding, "These developments have turned all standards, and this is a fundamental point and an indication that the war in Yemen is nearing its end."

As for the Syrian issue, Majdalani pointed out that "if we review the Geneva conferences, we will notice a positive development with regards to the representatives of the regime sitting with the opposition, which is a recognition of the opposition, and in turn, the opposition that has recognized the regime while insisting on change." He added that Russia has also played a great role in this respect.

Over the recent statement by the Saudi Foreign Minister, Majdalani said, "The position of the Central Bank Governor is very clear on the matter. Lebanon is committed to international standards in dealing with banks. Salameh has stressed that banks are committed to circulars issued."

He emphasized that, "The dissociation issue is practically the answer to this matter, and there is no money laundering of funds in Lebanon. The Central Bank is in constant contact with the US Treasury."

"We in Lebanon do not interfere in the affairs of other countries. Saudi Arabia is the closest country to Lebanon. It has always been alongside Lebanon, especially in crises and in support of its economic and financial stability, and it knows that it only wants the good of Lebanon," Majdalani concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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