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Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri held this evening at the “Center House” an Iftar in honor of the Arab ambassadors accredited in Lebanon.

Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, ministers Sejaan Azzi , Ramzi Jreije, Nohad Mashnouk, Abdulmutallab Hinnawi , Alice Chaptini , Rashid Derbas , Alain Hakim and Michel Pharaon, the Arab ambassadors in Beirut, a number of MPs and high-ranking military and security officials attended.

After the Iftar, Premier Hariri gave the following speech:
“It is my pleasure to welcome you in your house, the Center House, on this blessed evening of the holy month of Ramadan.
We meet today, as our Arab world is experiencing one of the most dangerous periods, where external interference in its affairs intertwines with civil wars, sectarian struggles and terrorist attacks that are shaking the stability of a number of its societies and states.
Lebanon managed to avoid the fires of the surrounding wars thanks to the wisdom of the majority of its political components and the sacrifices of its army and security forces.
It is an occasion to salute Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji, Internal Security Forces Director General, Major General Ibrahim Basbous, General Security Chief, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, Director General of State Security, Major General George Karaa, and the high ranking security officers present among us today.
Unfortunately our nation is paying the price of external interferences in its internal affairs, involving it against its will in crises and wars outside its territories.
It is not a secret that Hezbollah involved its military organization in a crazy war in Syria at the request of Iran to protect the Bashar Assad regime in the face of his people. Hezbollah also boasts of its interference in a number of other Arab countries, from Yemen to Bahrain and Iraq, while preventing, also at Iran’s request, a quorum in the Lebanese parliament to elect a president since more than two years.
This fact not only cost Lebanon hundreds of dead and thousands of injured but also placed our country, against its will, for the first time since our independence, in a confrontation with Arab consensus. This led to the decrease of the vital Arab support to our state, complications for the interests of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese working in the Arab countries, and the refrain from the part of Arab tourists and investors to come to our country.
This present situation is abnormal and temporary because the majority of Lebanese, from all religions and sects, adhere to their Arabism and to Arab consensus. They also refuse Iran’s interference in their affairs as well as the affairs of any Arab country. They refuse, although the refusal of some is silent, to be used by Iran as wood in the Syrian fire or as tools for its itinerant discord throughout the Arab world.
As for us, we will continue to sacrifice in order to protect our country from the fires of discord and preserve its stability, to normalize the work of the state and its institutions. We will also work on the restoration of our Arab relations, the return of our Arab brothers as tourists or investors to their people in Lebanon and Lebanon’s full return to Arabism, politically, economically, socially and culturally”.

Source: National News Agency

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