Maltese ship smuggles 750,000 barrels of Yemeni fuel

In continuation of looting of Yemeni fuel, the Maltese ship "Isabella" arrived at Thai port of Rayong draft, carrying about 750,000 barrels of Yemeni crude fuel looted from the fields of Shabwa province.

The official stated that the ship "Isabella" had sailed from 'Al-Nushimah' port in the Radhum district of Shabwa province about 2 weeks ago, according to satellite ship tracking programs.

According to the average prices of the global stock exchange, the value of the shipment amounts to approximately $90 million.

The official pointed out that is the second shipment received by Thai ports within a month, indicating that the Greek ship "Apolitares" arrived at the port of Seracha at the end of last June, coming from Al-Shihr port, carrying 2 million and 2 hundred thousand barrels of Yemeni crude looted from the fields of Hadramout province, with a value exceeding a quarter of Billion dollars.

It is noteworthy that the total of the sovereign flue revenues is not supplied to the Central Bank of Yemen like other billions of export revenues during the past years.

Source: Yemen News Agency