Mass rally in the capital Sana’a to Commemorate Holy Prophet’s Birthday

SANAA, The capital Sana'a on Saturday have gathered to the 70th Square to celebrate and commemorate the anniversary of the birthday of the Islam Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him).

The participants in the mass rally carried banners and leaflets, which express their immortalized love and respect for the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The mass rally has witnessed a remarkable public and official attendance as the crowds began to flock to the arena since the early hours of the morning from various directorates of Sana'a, Amana and the provinces nearby.

They confirmed their adherence to the prophet's approach, teachings and fragrant biography.

The participants stressed that the celebration of this occasion considered as a station from which Muslims are inspired by the lessons and the biography of the Great Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

They further Stressed that the celebration of the Prophet's birthday aimed to bring the nation back to the values of the message and to the prophet's approach, and to hi courage, wisdom and grace.

The participants sent messages to the Saudi-led aggression forces and arrogance that the Messenger of Allah is in the hearts of Yemenis in words and deeds.

A strong message was sent to the enemies stated that Yemen remains the strongest, dearest and capable of confronting aggression by all available and possible means.

Source: Yemen News Agency