medical emergency teams Continues influx to district

HODEIDAH, Ministry of Health,Dr. Youssef Al-Hadhari, confirmed that medical and emergency crews from various provinces continue to come to the district of al-Jarahy in Hodeidah province to confront with dengue fever and malaria.

The influx of medical staff, ambulances and rapid intervention to confront with the epidemic of dengue fever and malaria in al-Jarahy district comes in response to the call of the Minister of Health since the announcement of the internal emergency to face these epidemics, al-Hadhari said in a statement to Saba.

Al-Hadhari also stressed that the Ministry of Health, with all its potential, continues to face epidemics, including dengue fever and malaria, with the participation of the rest of the government sector, local councils and the community.

It is currently working to save and provide medical, therapeutic, nursing and emergency services, in addition to working with technical teams specializing in control and fog spraying of mosquito breeding hotspots that transmit dengue and malaria.

Source: Yemen News Agency