SANAA, The joint ministerial meeting of the ministers of the occupied provinces and the governors of the southern and eastern provinces approved on Tuesday openness to all counter-occupation-and aggression parties or those against the resigned Hadi's authorities.

The meeting, held under chairmanship of the member of the Supreme Political Council Ahmed al-Rahawi and Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor, discussed the topics on his agenda.

It discussed developments in the occupied provinces, especially in relation to the rise of popular anger against the Saudi Saudi occupier and the rising voices calling for resisting the destructive and subversive occupier project which used all means to suppress and humiliate the people of those provinces, including al-Qaeda plot, to impose its presence and implement its own agenda.

The meeting referred to the Governors' report on the recent developments in their provinces in the political, security and social aspects, their proposals on the field missions for the coming period, and keeping abreast of the events taking place in the city of Aden and the movement of its residents in the face of the occupiers.

The report of the governor of Hadramout, Luqman Paras, on the situation in the province, especially related to the information that talks about Hadi's intention, as part of his approach to continue tearing up Yemen and the destruction of the Constitution, to hold a meeting of members of the parliament loyal to the US-saudi aggression coalition and the occupation states of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which make them lost any legitimacy when they blessed the aggression against their country.

The participants condemned the Hadi's efforts to convene a meeting of people who have no legal, constitutional or popular legitimacy.

The participant listened to a report submitted by Governor of Socotra Hashim Al-Saqateri on the situation in the archipelago and the efforts of the UAE occupier to consecrate his illegal existence and to establish a port on the island while continuing to use his criminal methods to terrorize the islanders and exploit the difficult living conditions they are currently going through in order to serve their interests.

The meeting reviewed a report on the process of assembling terrorists elements of al-Qaedafrom a number of countries, notably Iraq, Syria and Libya, by the coalition to push those elements to the front lines, especially in the western coast to fight the army, security forces, the popular forces, and volunteers from the Free tribes.

The meeting condemned the practices and acts violating the Yemeni sovereignty carried out by the Saudi-UAE occupier, whether in Socotra or other provinces under occupation.

The meeting stressed that bringing of al-Qaeda and Daash terrorist groups to Yemen and inciting them to fight against the Yemeni people confirms beyond any doubt the sponsorship and financing by the Saudi and UAE terrorist regimes to terrorism to serve their subversive agenda serving Zionist occupier.

The meeting brought the United Nations, the Security Council and Hadi responsibility for the successive violations of the coalition to the Yemeni sovereignty, as well as all the brutal crimes committed by them against the Yemeni people, the latest of which was targeting a residential neighborhood in the Sawan area, killing and injuring 109 people.

The meeting approved the proposals of the governors and their vision to strengthen the national spirit of resistance to the occupier in all the occupied provinces stressing on field work importance.

He stressed that all continue to submit their reports on political and security developments and proposals approved on the field and the project resisting the occupier, as well as the submission of regulations governing the field work of resistance to the occupier.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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