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Member of the Higher Economic Committee, Dr. Rashid Abu Lehum, met in Sanaa, Deputy UN Envoy to Yemen Moin Shreim, who is in charge of the economic file, and a number of advisers in the Office of the Envoy in Sanaa.

During the meeting, the member of the Supreme Economic Committee expressed surprise at the Committee's indifference and the absence of the economic file from the consultations led by the UN envoy during the previous days, despite the interest that prevailed before the Geneva consultations which stumbled, as well as before the consultations of Sweden.

" The United Nations must fulfill its promises to solve the problem of non-payment of staff salaries and to press for the implementation of the recent Security Council resolution, which stressed the need to pay salaries of staff and retirees, " he said.

Dr. Abu Lehum expressed the displeasure of Yemeni people toward the state of silence in the office of the UN envoy regarding the bombing by the coalition of factories in Sanaa, where the blood of the victims has not dried up. He pointed out that this silence does not serve peace nor the course of negotiations.

He stressed that the national delegation presented a responsible national vision in the Swedish consultations, especially with regard to the payment of salaries and is still open to all initiatives that lead to neutralize the economy away from exploitation as a tool of war by the coalition.

He called on the United Nations to use the support and the international will to pay the salaries of employees in accordance with a clear supervisory mechanism agreed upon by the United Nations.

He also stressed that talking about the revenues of Hodeidah without a comprehensive solution to salaries is nothing but media procrastination and consumption, which contradicts Security Council Resolution 2451 and contributes to the further deprivation and impoverishment for them.

He stated that the aggression and mercenaries were carrying out a comprehensive economic escalation.

He referred in this contexte to pressure, which the coalition is exerting on Yemeni banks and fuel importers in spite of the UN rejection for the mechanisms presented by Saudi-backed Aden authorities, which are supported by the occupation states.

In this regard, he recalled that the UN described this mechanism as political and bureaucratic.

He affirmed that represents a challenge to the will of the international community and the United Nations.

He pointed out that the targeted decisions of revenues as well as the decisions taken to transfer the work of some institutions to Aden without paying attention to the United Nations' efforts and recommendations, escalation is a clear evidence of the lack of seriousness of the other party to involve and to respect the peace endeavors.

"If we are convinced that the horizon is blocked in front of United Nations efforts to resolve or at least to stop the gracious acts of the other party we will consider steps to ensure the protection of our people," he affirmed.

He added that "Such patience state toward those practices of aggression coalition in the economic field was based on the directives of the President al-Mashat to give an opportunity for the success of the efforts of the UN envoy and calls for peace."

For his part, the deputy UN envoy praised the open attitude of the leadership in Sana'a and its negotiating team in all the files presented and praised by its former envoy.

"There are negotiations in the coming days on issues, especially the issues of salaries and airport," he said, stressing the conviction of the United Nations on the importance of neutralizing the economy.

He expressed his understanding of the humanitarian situation caused by the non-payment of salaries, and promised to intensify efforts in this regard.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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