Minister Al-Sa’adi: Trained gangs behind assassinations

National Yemen

Dr. Mohammed Al-Sa’adi in the middle

By NY Staff

Mohammed Al-Sa’adi, Yemen’s Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, recently stated that Yemen achieved positive progress in 2012 on the economic and political levels. He added that Yemeni currency didn’t decline in value and the country received around $8 billion in aid.

According to Al-Sa’adi, the government approved the establishment of a financially and administratively independent executive board to speed up the process of setting priorities for financial aids received by Yemen.

Regarding the targeted killings of military and security leaders, Al-Sa’adi said they were the actions of trained gangs and had been carried out for political reasons and warned that they would have a negative impact on investment in Yemen.

The widespread killings of security leaders in different governorates have raised questions about the government’s ability to arrest any of the defendants. According to the minister, security forces are responsible for announcing any results of investigations and also for not revealing facts which could hinder the progress of investigations.

However, Al-Sa’adi expressed optimism about the coming year, saying that it would be full of developments. He declared that he expected sabotage attacks against oil pipelines and power cables to decline in 2013.

Al-Sa’adi also predicted that a large portion of the Southern Movement would participate in the National Dialogue Conference, and also that they would have the ability to discuss any issues on their minds.

“Those who reject the dialogue do not represent all southerners and have no right to act in such a way,” he added.