Minister Celebrates Al-Bashir Hospitals’ Accreditation Milestone

Amman: Representing Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh, Health Minister Firas Hawari on Sunday presided over a ceremony hosted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to announce the accreditation of Al-Bashir Hospitals by the Health Institutions Accreditation Council. Al-Bashir Hospitals, including specialized units and the Laboratory Directorate, received accreditation, marking a significant milestone in Jordan's healthcare. Minister Hawari highlighted the government's focus on healthcare, especially under His Majesty King Abdullah II's leadership, emphasizing quality and patient safety. He praised Al-Bashir Hospitals' commitment to enhancing care and thanked the US agency and donors for their support. Ali Abdallat, Al-Bashir Hospitals' Director, emphasized the hospital's dedication to ongoing improvement, promising to enhance services and infrastructure. Ruwaida Maaytah from the Health Institutions Accreditation Council commended Jordan's healthcare standards and Al-Bashir Hospit als' pursuit of excellence. Rabab Dhiyab, leading the accreditation project, outlined the hospital's five-year journey toward accreditation, highlighting improvements in leadership and quality management. Leslie Reed, USAID Mission Director, underscored the importance of Al-Bashir Hospitals in Jordan's healthcare landscape and USAID's commitment to supporting such initiatives. The accreditation project, funded by USAID, reflects a collaborative effort between the Health Institutions Accreditation Council, Ministry of Health, and Al-Bashir Hospitals. Source: Jordan News Agency