Minister inaugurates expansion of Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah Hospital, Umm Joza Health CenterAmerican-British aggression hits farm in Hodeida

Balqa: Minister of Health Firas Hawari officially on Tuesday opened the expanded and modernized ambulance and emergency award at the Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II Hospital in Balqa Governorate. The inauguration also marked the completion of maintenance work carried out at the hospital. During the opening ceremony, Hawari emphasized the Ministry's commitment to expanding and enhancing the infrastructure of hospitals and health centers. These efforts aim to improve the quality of health services and enhance overall patient satisfaction. Furthermore, he expressed gratitude for the support provided by Kuwait and the generous donors contributing to the joint grant fund. This financial assistance has significantly contributed to the Ministry of Health's projects, particularly in modernizing hospitals and establishing health centers. The expansion and modernization of the ambulance and emergency ward at the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Hospital, as well as the construction of Umm Joza Health Center, were s uccessfully completed with a Kuwaiti grant exceeding JD2 million. Additionally, maintenance work for the hospital, funded by the joint grant, amounted to approximately JD1 million. The minister also highlighted that the new expansion of the hospital, serving approximately 600,000 individuals, added 1,500 square meters to the emergency department, resulting in a total area of 2,200 square meters. The number of beds in the emergency ward has increased from 10 to 35 beds, with the potential to further expand to 45 beds. Furthermore, the ward has doubled the number of doctors and nurses to enhance its medical capabilities. The renovated ambulance and emergency ward now includes specialized units for surgical, internal medicine, pediatric, and orthopedic emergencies. It features a fully equipped operating room, X-ray and ultrasound rooms, as well as a laboratory, pharmacy, isolation and sterilization rooms, a chemical disinfection unit, and offices for the accident representative and the civil defense represen tative. In addition to the hospital expansion, Hawari inaugurated the Umm Joza Health Center, covering an area of 960 square meters. The center is set to serve approximately 10,000 citizens, offering various clinics such as general medicine, dental, family medicine, and maternity and childhood clinics. The inauguration of these healthcare facilities marks a significant step towards improving medical services and ensuring the well-being of the community. The Ministry of Health continues its commitment to advancing the healthcare infrastructure across the country, ultimately enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare for all citizens. Source: Jordan News Agency The American-British aggression on Tuesday launched a raid on al-Dahi district in Hodeida province, a security official said. The official added the American-British aggression targeted the Sardoud farm in al-Kadan area in al-Duha district with a airstrike . Source: Yemen News Agency