Minister of State meets Head of Mission of ICRC

Minister of State Alia Faisal Abdul Latif met on Thursday Head of the ICRC Mission to Yemen, Katrina Ritz.

The meeting discussed the areas of cooperation between Yemen and the Mission and ways to strengthen and develop it, the functioning of the Mission in various provinces, and its humanitarian role.

The meeting addressed the current truce and the need to use it to alleviate citizens' suffering as a result of aggression and siege.

During the meeting, the Minister of State reviewed a number of humanitarian files, notably the file of prisoners, detainees, and forcibly concealed persons. Calling for Sana 'a International Airport to be opened, those genuine solutions are found leading to the opening of roads and the lifting of the siege on the governorates, and that security committees be formed by all parties to work towards this in order to alleviate the suffering suffered by the citizen.

It called on the Red Cross Mission to play its role in detecting those hidden and detained in the UAE's prisons in the southern provinces, in particular Aden and Hadramaut governorates, who were subjected to torture and concealment in clear and serious violation of human rights and international law.

For its part, the Head of Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to Yemen stressed the need for all Yemeni parties to respect international humanitarian law and to implement all their understandings to release prisoners and detainees and end the suffering of thousands of Yemeni families.

She pointed out that the Mission hoped that the current truce would be extended as a serious step towards peace and the cessation of war. Confirming that the Mission will continue to provide all possible support to Yemen in order to help alleviate the human suffering of the Yemeni people.

Source: Yemen News Agency