Ministry of Electricity closes seven stations contrary to tariff rate in capital

SANA'A, The Ministry of Electricity and Energy, in coordination with the security services, carried out a field campaign at the Capital to remove the new commercial generators and seize the private sector stations to generate electricity in violation of the laws and regulations.

During the campaign, the ministry and the security services closed seven stations that violate the tariff rate and exceeded the process of investment in the field of energy, including the development and exploitation of the national network of columns, wires and random supplies that endanger the lives of citizens.

The Ministry of Electricity referred the owners of the stations that were closed to the concerned authorities to complete the legal procedures.

It reiterated that action will be taken against the owners of power stations and generators violating .. Warning owners of commercial stations from violating regulations, laws and ministerial regulations governing the process of investment in the field of energy.

The Ministry of Electricity called the owners of commercial stations to register quickly with the ministry to engage in legal activity, unless legal action will be taken against them.

Source: Yemen News Agency