Ministry of Electricity warns of humanitarian disaster

SANAA, Ministry of Electricity called on the United Nations, humanitarian organizations and international community to put pressure on Saudi-led aggression coalition to release the held oil derivatives ships.

The ministry warned from a disastrous situation will catch up with the water and sanitation sector as a result of the detention of oil derivatives ships and prevented from entering the port of Hodeidah by the US-Saudi aggression coalition.

The Ministry also , warned of a humanitarian catastrophe that would cast a shadow on various vital and service sectors due to the continued holding of oil derivatives ships.

They held the United Nations, all international organizations and the international community responsible for results of the unjust siege and the continued prevention of the oil ships from entering the port of Hodeidah.

The Ministry of Electricity explained that the lack of sufficient petroleum materials means the complete cessation of all vital sectors that provide basic services to citizens.

Source: Yemen News Agency