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The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini stressed at the Arab summit that there is a need "for a lasting and comprehensive peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis," noting that "the European Union's top priority will be to reach a peaceful solution to this conflict."

"We deeply believe that the two-state solution is the realistic way to end the conflict in the region, and we understand that any changes within the 1967 borders must be negotiated, especially with regard to Jerusalem," she said, adding that she discussed this with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Brussels a few days ago.

"We will continue to be committed as an international community to this goal in cooperation with our American friends. We also believe that the Arab Peace Initiative is relevant, still alive and has a central role to play, and if translated into action, it is a framework for peace."

"The region is suffering a lot of difficulties, but peace and reconciliation can be done through a systematic, participatory and cooperative approach," she said.

"The European Union affirms that this region is our region and this requires everyone to contribute and cooperate... We need this cooperation more than ever," she said, quoting King Abdullah II: "We must open new channels between continents and peoples and between nations and peoples."

"The region is genuinely in need of peace as the conflict in Syria enters its seventh year," she said. "The European Union will meet next year at an international conference to support the future of Syria and the region."

Mogherini hoped "to build on what was achieved at the London conference to support the Syrians and host countries."

"I wish we could start planning for that day where there is a real political transition in Syria; a goal that requires concerted efforts to reach a political solution and rebuild confidence between the parties to move forward with the negotiations," she said.

"The restoration of stability in Iraq is possible, the defeat of a terrorist organization is also possible," she said.

"The EU will remain committed to supporting our friends and brothers in all possible ways."

Mogherini also assured that the EU is determined to continue to help Yemen and "work towards a peaceful political solution and an end to human suffering."

As for Libya, she said "Our cooperation is very important, same as the solution of the problem under a Libyan agreement and reconciliation; something that falls within the responsibility of Libya. We must recognize as an international community the importance of helping the Libyans through the concerted efforts of all."

"The EU will continue to play its role and exert every effort possible as a donor, a political and diplomatic force, a guarantor of security and a reliable partner that can be trusted by you and your people," she concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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