ADEN, Yemen- At least four people were killed, when mortar shells targeted their house in the Red Sea coast city of Hodeidah, on Saturday, a security official said. "Mortar shells fired by the Houthi rebels landed randomly on a residential area in Hodeidah, killing four civilians, including children, inside their house," the local security source said.

He said, areas recently recaptured by government forces, are the prime target for Houthis in Hodeidah. The shelling, using mortar rounds and artillery weapons, occur in a daily basis in Hodeidah, according to the source.

Some international organisations, operating in Hodeidah, provide treatment for injured Yemenis.

On Jun 13, the Arab coalition, backing internationally-recognised government of Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, declared a major assault to recapture Hodeidah and the Yemeni western Red Sea coast, from the Houthis. Yemen's government and Saudi Arabia have repeatedly accused the Houthis of using the port to smuggle Iranian weapons. Both Houthis and Iran denied the accusation.

Humanitarian agencies warned of any attack on the port, saying, it would lead to the world's biggest humanitarian catastrophe in modern history. Hodeidah is the single most important point of entry for food and basic supplies, to Yemen's northern provinces, controlled by the Houthis, including the capital, Sanaa.

Thousands of families have fled the war-torn city of Hodeidah, and other parts of the province since Jun, seeking shelter in neighbouring provinces controlled by the government.

The coalition intervened in Yemen's conflict in Mar, 2015, to roll back Iran-allied Shiite Houthi rebels and reinstate Hadi.


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