MOSCOW, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned Washington of the repercussions of the "threat diplomacy" against Moscow, pointing out that US diplomats will regret that they can not find the possibilities for a normal and constructive dialogue with partners in the world.

In response to the announcement by US Ambassador to Moscow Jon Huntsman Jr. that his country's ships in the Mediterranean "a message to Russia," Ryabkov told Tass yesterday that the diplomacy of US threats against Moscow will not eventually become the diplomacy of bombers because there will be no victors.

Ryabkov expressed regret that the US representative in Russia made such statements.

Huntsman said that every US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean was "equivalent to 100,000 tons of international diplomacy," referring to the transfer of US aircraft carriers Abraham Lincoln and John C. Stein to the Mediterranean Sea with ships accompanying them to carry out military exercises There.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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