MP Mohammad Hajjar from the Future parliamentary bloc on Tuesday said that it was still too soon to dwell on alliances to run the coming legislative polls.

"The current stage is that of preparing for the elections; the endorsed vote mode is the first of its kind in Lebanon's history and citizens are supposed to understand it," he explained during an interview by Radio Lebanon.

"Future Movement's hand is stretched out to everybody as long as it is for Lebanon's sake," he added.

On a different note, Hajjar called to keep Lebanon away from regional flames, accusing Hezbollah of "seeking to implicate the country in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, as part of Iran's scheme."

"Future Movement considers that is no such thing as resistance anymore, and that Hezbollah is acting like a militia," he said.

On the displaced Syrians' issue, Hajjar maintained that Lebanon was shouldering all its duties regarding refugees, reminding the international community of its responsibility towards Lebanon as well as towards the return of the displaced to their country.

Source: National News Agency