MPs stress importance of activating oversight on Gov’t performance

SANAA, Members of the Parliament (MPs) on Saturday stressed the importance of activating the supervisory role on the performance of the National Salvation Government and following up what has been implemented from its program submitted to the Parliament.

During the Parliament's meeting chaired by Speaker Yahya Ali al-Ra'i, the MPs urged the government to intensify efforts so that citizens can notice that the improvement in their in providing goods and services.

In a related context, the Parliament listened to part of the Development, Oil and Mineral Resources Committee's report on the results of its follow-up to the crisis in oil derivatives and domestic gas in the capital and a number of provinces.

The report included aspects related to the worsening crisis of domestic gas as well as the crisis of oil derivatives (petrol - diesel).

The Committee stressed the importance of supervision and follow-up and effective control over the distribution and sale of these materials and their prices.

In its report, the Committee stated that, according to the Government's explanations, the aggression coalition is still holding a number of ships loaded with shipments of oil derivatives, food and medicine necessary to meet the needs of the Yemeni people.

The report contained a number of recommendations in this regard, and the Parliament postponed listening to the rest of the report to a future session.

Source: Yemen News Agency