Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has bemoaned the high levels of indiscipline and unbridled manoeuvering for leadership positions which characterize the ruling Zanu PF party today.

The ruling party is battling to rid itself of divisions emanating from fights to succeed President Mugabe. It is alleged that there are two camps angling to succeed President Mugabe as party leader, one led by Vice-President Emerson Mnangagwa and another one comprising the younger generation in Zanu PF, dubbed the G40.

Before that, the party was rocked by divisions fomented by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru who was manoeuvering to remove President Mugabe from power, but was together with her cabal dismissed from the party.

President Mugabe told the party's 104th Central Committee meeting Wednesday that there was need to rid the party of all misdemeanors that characterize it today.

"For our party, however, 2016 has been quite disturbing too, we failed as leaders in some cases to demonstrate the high levels of maturity and discipline expected of us," he said.

"I have said this before, that there is nothing wrong in expressing ambition, an aspiration, aspiring for positions of leadership or for any other higher post, but I have however also frowned upon shameless and unbridled ambition which seeks to ride roughshod over others."

President Mugabe said party positions should never be a source of division, as there were proper procedures that must be followed for one to assume any position in the party.

He said Zanu PF, which he described as a great party, deserved revolutionary leaders and cadres and warned party organs against being used to push the agenda of power hungry leaders.

"Dirty politics should never be countenanced in our party, the tradition of our party is never one of bickering over party positions," he said.

The President chronicled how Zanu PF came into being, highlighting that many people had suffered for it and to liberate Zimbabwe. "It is this past that must always tell us the story that we are not

just members of an ordinary party, but those of a special party."

The Central Committee meeting was being held as a precursor to the Zanu PF annual national people's conference which will begin in Masvingo, about 290 kilometres south of here, on Friday.