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In commemoration of the July 2006 victory over the Israeli enemy, Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, saluted Sunday all fallen martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of preserving their land, stressing that the resistance has set a role model for fighting in its battles in al-Khiyam and Wadi al-Hujayr, warning the Israeli enemy that much more awaits it if any of its troops enters Lebanon's territories.

"No sanctions or threats can affect the resistance and its growing power," stressed Nasrallah, pointing to Israel's betting on Trump's Administration to exert pressure on Hezbollah, the Lebanese people and Hezbollah's friends, whether in Lebanon or in regional countries, or on bankers by resorting to a penalty code.

Nasrallah addressed through his screen a huge crowd of officials and popular delegations who gathered in the plains of Dardara in the Southern town of al-Khiyam this evening to celebrate the occasion under the headline, "The Time of Victory," in presence of House Speaker Nabih Berri's representative, MP Kassem Hashem, and various political, diplomatic and party figures and security and military officers.

"We celebrate this day a glorious victory accomplished by heroes and fallen martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us to stay here in dignity. This place has witnessed a great achievement, part of the achievements that served to settle the battle, and this plain bears the name of the town of coexistence and mutual living between Muslims and Christians," said Nasrallah.

"The resistance fighters stood up and fought as they did along the borderline, and the will of resistance and steadfastness was accompanied by the determination to build and thrive, alongside the people's attachment to their lands," he underscored.

Nasrallah continued to indicate that "the liberation of the year 2000 was the result of hard work and serious resistance in everything, and this applies to the victory that was achieved in the summer of 2006."

"The resistance in Lebanon is earnest and knows not humiliation nor annual holidays, but monitors, plans, follows-up on the enemy's development, trains and arms itself with the best of weapons, operating with all sincerity and transparency away from any personal, party or sectarian gains," emphasized Nasrallah.

"Israel has formed a conviction that any war on Lebanon is not equivalent to the cost that will be borne by Israel in waging such a war, and therefore, there are calls within the enemy's entity to avoid any war in Lebanon under any circumstances, unless if faced with no other option. This conviction is based on the Israeli belief that in Lebanon lies a force which, if added to the golden equation of the army, people and resistance, would result in huge costs on Israel, and this is what prevents it from any aggression on Lebanon," he went on to explain.

Nasrallah denied claims of Hezbollah's control over the current or future government and criticized US President Donald Trump's statement that he and the Lebanese government were "partners against Da'esh and Hezbollah," stressing that "Hezbollah is a destructive force for the Israeli project in the region, and is part of the region's force that thwarted Israel's greater project, as well as the new Middle East project, in its war of July 2006."

"We are now facing an intimidation campaign targeting the Lebanese people," stated Nasrallah, hoping that the Lebanese will not take part in such campaign or any act of incite.

Referring to the battles in Arsal's outskirts, Nasrallah considered that victory was achieved based on the same standards of fighting. He added: "the outcome of this battle, and the one in Syria, has upset the Israelis who are lamenting over the groups they had bet on, especially Daesh."

Pointing to gunmen's leaving Arsal outskirts, Nasrallah declared that the region will be under the Lebanese army's control upon Hezbollah's withdrawal in the coming days.

"The decision has been taken, but the timing is at the command of the army," he reiterated, referring to the Lebanese Army's liberation of the remaining parts of Arsal's outskirts from Daesh.

Nasrallah expressed pride in "the real political and sovereign decision, which is not subject to foreign considerations, to liberate an area occupied by an oppressor," while stressing that "it is only a matter of time that victory will be achieved and Daesh will be defeated."

Over the visit of cabinet ministers to Syria and the possibility of coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian armies, Nasrallah called on politicians to reassess the situation and revise their sharp positions when it comes to the Syrian crisis issue.

"Lebanon's interests with Syria are greater than Syria's interests with Lebanon," he explained, emphasizing that "it is in Lebanon's interest to reach an understanding with Syria in the field of agriculture, and over Lebanese exports through Syria to Iraq and Jordan since the borders will open."

"We also need to talk to Syria in the security field, and the same thing goes for the oil and gas fields," added Nasrallah.

Referring to the situation in Yemen, Nasrallah deemed it a "human tragedy where thousands are dying of cholera and starvation," adding that it is the result of the US-Saudi war and siege, holding all silent sides in the world responsible for what is happening in Yemen.

Nasrallah seized the nearing occasion of Imam Moussa Sadr's absence commemoration on August 31 to pay tribute to his "dedication and boosting of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque's presence in our culture," vowing to continue in his path and achieve his goals, while attributing the victory of July 2006 to his efforts, a harvest of his plantation.

Source: National News Agency

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