Nasrallah confirms ‘Beirut Unity’ list doesn’t intend to confiscate Beirut decision

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, voiced during an electoral rally on Friday full support to the "Unity of Beirut" list in Beirut's II district, and the "National Consensus" list in Baabda.

"The goal of this celebration is similar to that of Nabatieh; it is a declaration of Hezbollah's support to the "Unity of Beirut" list which comprises of an alliance that includes Amal Movement, the Philanthropic Association, the Free Patriotic Movement, Hezbollah, and other political officials from the city of Beirut. It is also a declaration of support to the "National Consensus" list in Baabda, which comprises of an alliance that includes Amal Movement, the Free Patriotic Movement, the Democratic Party, and Hezbollah," Hezbollah leader said in a televised speech during a festival tilted "My Voice, a Fulfillment of the Promise" which was held at Jamous Square in Beirut southern suburbs.

"In Beirut, popular groups feel that it is their natural right to be represented at the House of Parliament by Deputies who stand for their voice, rights and interests," Nasrallah said.

"The majority law never allowed this to happen; however, the new proportionality law has paved the way for a possibility as such," he added.

Nasrallah went on to confirm that the aforementioned electoral lists aimed at ensuring the munch-aspired proper representation of all the Lebanese categories; however, he confirmed that it was never the intention of these lists to confiscate the decision of Beirut "as the Future Movement has been claiming".

"Those who vote for the 'Beirut Unity' list or any other are Beirutis, yet they must be aware of the fact that Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and it embraces all the Lebanese including Muslims of all sects and Christians of all sects; Beirut must be the title and symbol of Lebanon," Nasrallah said.

He went on to refuse having one party or group monopolize representation in Beirut in the upcoming elections.

"No movement, party, association, or leadership should restrict Beirut to its own color. The color of Beirut must remain the color of the Lebanese people, and everyone should enjoy real opportunity to take part in the decision making process."

Touching on the heatedly-debated issue of Arabism, the Hezbollah Secretary General couldn't help but wonder how those preaching Arabism defined it.

"Is it submission to the US administration and abandonment of Palestine? (...) Is it destroying Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq? (...) Is it keeping silent before all the atrocities in Gaza and in Yemen? (...) Do you define Arabism in inciting Israel to launch a war in July?" Nasrallah pondered.

"This is not the Arabism of Beirut," he added, reminding of the fact that "Beirut is the capital of Lebanon whose people have always supported Arab issues and concerns."

He went on to warn electoral candidates from opting for sectarian rhetoric in a bid to attain political and electoral gains. "Let the competition be strictly in the service of the citizens of Beirut," he added.

Nasrallah also had words of praise for the people of Beirut Southern Suburbs "whom the whole world knows for their resistance, honor, dignity, steadfastness, and rejection of humiliation."

He also highlighted the need for convergence among Lebanese political parties that are proven to be "strategically" compatible.

The Hezbollah chief went on to shed light on what he described as designs by the KSA to bog Lebanon down in a civil war. "Saudi Arabia's minister of Gulf Affairs, Thamer Sabhan's scheme against Lebanon was clear; he was preparing for a civil war by kidnapping PM Saad Hariri. Unfortunately, some sides in Lebanon were ready for such an ultimatum," Narallah said, warning that those who planned for destroying Iraq, Syria, and Yemen "are still planning for a civil war in Lebanon."

As for the recent Israeli attack against Iran's T-4 airbase, Nasrallah stressed that this incident should not be ignored.

"This is the first time in seven years that Israel deliberately kills Iranian revolutionary guards in the airport," he said, assuring Israel that its "grave historic mistake" has brought it into a direct combat with the Iranians.

Shifting to the Syrian scene, Nasrallah confirmed that no chemical weapons had been used in Douma, deeming the whole act as a mere "play".

"We're in the middle of a new phase in which the US has assigned itself an investigator, prosecutor, judge and executioner," he added, describing US president, Donald Trump, as "passive, ill-considered, and all he thinks of is money."

"Trump deals with the US army as mercenaries who fight for money. (...) The US and the whole world should know that all these Trump and Hollywood tweets won't scare anyone in the region," Hezbollah's first added.

Nasrallah concluded by assuring the US that its battles in the region were against people, not regimes. "In all the battles the US has fought against armies, it was either victorious or defeated, but in all its battles with the peoples, it was always defeated."

Source: National News Agency