Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, referred Monday to the unanimous agreement among various Lebanese constituents regarding the "dire financial situation" prevailing in the country and the "need to find a solution."

"We hope that the solution will come through the Lebanese themselves, but it seems that it will be inevitable for us through the terms of Cedar and the World Bank," Nasrallah underlined.

He added that "the solution must be the responsibility of all," and that "it will lead to a certain austerity, so we have to be prudent in our debate and to act wisely and courageously when making proposals, and to maintain precision when studying these proposals."

The Secretary-General confirmed that Hezbollah would be "a partner in responsibility, and part of the state and the people in assuming said responsibility."

"We also perceive the state budget as the beginning of reform, and we consider that what is being discussed today is a golden opportunity to reduce waste expenditure," maintained Nasrallah, affirming "Hezbollah's openness to any discussion, while preserving its faith and moral commitment against tampering with people's incomes or imposing new taxes."

The Secretary-General's words came in his delivered speech this afternoon marking the 34th anniversary of Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts Association foundation, which he began by strongly condemning the "massacre in Sri Lanka that claimed the lives of hundreds." He joined the many voices that denounced "this inhuman and brutal act that is far from the values of divine religions and human morality."

Nasrallah called herein for "a comprehensive confrontation of terrorism and all those behind it," adding, "We will wait for unveiling the side behind this terrorist act in the coming days, following which we will state our position."

He also regretted "this ongoing terrorism that has robbed holiday revelers of their smiles, whether in Sri Lanka or in Yemen or occupied Palestine."

Referring to the commemoration of the Mahdi Scouts foundation and the birth of Imam Al-Mahdi, Nasrallah said: "It is a day of celebration for this Scout."

In this connection, Nasrallah touched on a "central notion shared by divine religions, which is the end of time, i.e. the last part of human life, the timing of which we do not know." He pointed to "the difference in naming this leader, who will appear at the end of time for the Jews, not the Israelis, as well as the Christians and Muslims," noting that "for the Shiites, it is the Imam Al-Mahdi who is awaited with Jesus Christ, whom we glorify."

Nasrallah highlighted "the importance of hope in the lives of peoples as an alternative to despair that leads to surrender," praising "the steadfastness of the Palestinian people," in addition to "the events in Lebanon when some ruled out the ability to resist Israel."

"If despair had filled our souls, Lebanon would have been under occupation and Trump would have donated it to Israel!" he exclaimed.

Nasrallah hoped that "the sanctions will not affect the Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts," commending their efforts and valuable contributions to social wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Nasrallah regretted what was published by a Kuwaiti newspaper and some media outlets here, categorically denying the article's content and timing.

He ruled out the possibility of a renewed Israeli war, adding, 'The Israeli air force can no longer resolve a battle, and Israel itself says that it is not ready for a ground battle." However, Nasrallah pointed to the need to remain alert to all possibilities.

The Secretary-General also expressed surprise towards the world's silence about Trump's actions against Iran, since this gives an excuse for violating other peoples in various countries of the world," calling for "rejecting these arrogant American policies, whether in support of the war on Yemen or sanctions against Iran or against the Palestinian people."

Source: National News Agency

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