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Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah deemed Thursday that "time is narrowing but we still hope to reach a new election law," reiterating refusal of vacuum, mandate extension and 1960 law.

In his speech marking "Liberation and Resistance Day," Nasrallah addressed his audience in proud remembrance of this glorious victory in Lebanese history.

Speaking through a screen, Nasrallah praised the people of Hermel, chosen as the location for this year's celebration, and the Bekaa Valley in general, for their huge sacrifices and great contribution to this historical achievement back in 2000.

Attending the ceremony was former Minister Gabi Lyon representing President Michel Aoun; Amal Movement Bekaa Branch Head Mustafa Fouan representing House Speaker Nabih Berri; Syrian Ambassador Ali Abdul-Karim Ali and Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Fathali; current and former ministers and deputies, in addition to military and political party figures, clerics, representatives of Yemeni and Iraqi organizations and a crowd of supporters.

"We are at a very sensitive political stage in the history of Lebanon and the region," said Nasrallah.

"During the Israeli invasion in 1982, the entire world stood by watching but when Israel occupied nearly half of Lebanon, the world did not make any move. The Lebanese took on the liberation of their land from parties and factions, and with their modest capabilities launched their resistance, which culminated with the great victory in 2000," Nasrallah added.

"Those who believed in resistance did not wait for any Arab or Islamic country, or the United States or Security Council," Nasrallah went on, recalling "the only two countries in the world that stood by the Lebanese people were Iran and Syria."

"This victory is the result of the sacrifices of the Lebanese people and their embrace of the resistance; the enormous sacrifices of the Lebanese army and security forces, and the close cooperation between the resistance, state and army before 2000," Nasrallah underscored.

"The main lesson is that confronting occupation or external aggression depends on your will and determination," said Nasrallah addressing his audience crowd, stressing that "the will of the people of this region in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine is what creates their victory."

Referring to the "Riyadh Summit" and its possible outcome, Nasrallah said, "This is an important juncture in the history of the region and Lebanon," reassuring that "with the efforts, wisdom and understanding of the Lebanese, it will not have any reflection on the Lebanese situation, God willing."

Nasrallah described the position of Foreign and Expatriates Minister Gebran Bassil regarding the Riyadh Summit statement as "sincere, courageous and responsible," and President Michel Aoun's as a "commitment to the oath speech."

"Similarly, what happened in yesterday's meeting between all political forces, including the Future Movement's position, serve to fortify the nation, and this is a very positive point in the interest of Lebanon," he added.

Nasrallah further described the Riyadh meeting as a "bilateral summit between Saudi Arabia and America, while the rest of the Muslim countries were just guests, who were all surprised by the statement, since participants did not discuss its content but heard it through the media."

"The statement is a Saudi-American declaration, and that in itself is a scandal," Nasrallah underscored, criticizing "the bilateral agreements between Saudi Arabia and America," adding that "what they called an expanded summit was actually a rally to honor Trump and highlight the Saudi position at the Gulf, Arab and Islamic levels."

In addition, he considered that said summit aimed at intimidating Iran and the resistance axis, alongside the United States' attempt to enter into direct confrontation with Iran and the axis of resistance. "These were all Saudi targets behind the summit," deemed Nasrallah.

He added: "Saudi Arabia has done this to protect itself within the Kingdom first and in the world at large, for it is no secret that Saudi is behind the Takfiri groups, and Trump and everyone knows. Saudi Arabia is the one that created al-Qaeda; hence, the whole world looks to it as the center that supports Takfiri ideology."

"Saudi Arabia must keep the conflict and hatred aside. The only solution is dialogue and negotiation with Iran," stressed Nasrallah.

Source: National News Agency

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