Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Sunday, said the United States was responsible for delaying the fight against Daesh.

"America was the one to delay the battle's end against Daesh" stated Nasrallah in a televised speech at a memorial ceremony held in the Bekaa Valley to mark one week since the death of two of the Party's fighters in the Syrian Desert.

After offering condolences to their families, Nasrallah paid tribute to all fallen martyrs for their courage and huge sacrifices.

"In confrontation with Israel, many martyrs have fallen, some were even the only sons to their parents, and so did many fall in the confrontation with Takfiris," he said.

Nasrallah referred to the phenomenon of parents willingly accepting to give up their only sons in battle, despite Hezbollah's refusal that an only child volunteers to fight, except if by written consent from his parents. He deemed this phenomenon "a high humanitarian value, in which lies the secret of our strength against all those who plan to confront us."

Over the current situation in the region, the Secretary-General said, "We are faced with a new situation...We are confronted with a US-Saudi project. This project has failed today in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, and its failure is clearly destined in Yemen and Bahrain."

Nasrallah reiterated that America is hampering the fight against Daesh, questioning "why it was refusing to uproot Daesh from the region of Arsal and its outskirts, and even preventing it for a while?"

"It is because America only wants to destroy the people," he said, stressing that the battle to end Daesh in Syria and Iraq is "inevitable."

Responding to the recent stance by Saudi State Minister for Arab Gulf Affairs Thamer Al Sabhan, in which he considered the US sanctions against Hezbollah as "good," the Secretary-General said, "there are positive points in the statement." He referred herein to Al Sabhan's acknowledgement that US sanctions do not provide a solution, and that Hezbollah is a great force in the region that requires an international coalition to end it.

"Saudi's intervention helps to destroy the region, especially in terms of the financial support it has provided in Iraq to the Takfiri groups," Nasrallah asserted.

He urged the Saudi Kingdom to "cease such intervention," for it was the one "to send military troops to Bahrain, especially in the aggression against Yemen, and it has funded Takfirists in Syria."

"Saudi Arabia is the threat to regional security, while Hezbollah is a key factor in bringing security to the people of the region," stressed Nasrallah.

He continued to note that Iran, despite fighting all those who supported the US-Saudi-backed Daesh, yet it is accused of being a terrorist, and so is Hezbollah who has had the honor to contribute as part of the battling axis that led to the achieved victories.

Touching on Lebanon's fear of the financial sanctions imposed on Hezbollah, Narallah said, "Lebanon's official efforts focused on neutralizing banks and companies so as not to be affected by the sanctions against Hezbollah."

However, he referred to the repercussions on the Lebanese community, in light of Hezbollah's wide legitimacy in Lebanon.

"Hezbollah bears this law because it is imposed on us as a result of our battle and resistance. This will not change anything in the course of Hezbollah, regardless of the extent of its influence on us in terms of the donations we receive. It will partially affect us;, yet, it will never hinder our path nor affect our stands against Israel, the Takfiris and the American project in the region," vowed Nasrallah.

The Secretary-General hailed the efforts and sacrifices of Hezbollah's fighters and Lebanese Army soldiers, which have led to the calm situation now enjoyed by northern Bekaa towns and villages.

"Martyrdom in the vast Syrian Desert is indispensable, because the battle is to eliminate Daesh from existence," Nasrallah went on,

noting, "Daesh is located in part of Deir al-Zour and al-Mayadeen, and if they remain there, they will confront and fight again since they know no other project but terrorism, murder and destruction."

"Daesh is plotting to return to Arsal outskirts, Qalamoun, and Lebanon, and due to its cancerous existence, it has to be eradicated," Nasrallah underscored, vowing to pursue the ongoing battle against the terrorist organization in the Syrian Desert.

"We fear no threats, neither the American nor the Israeli, and what has passed was much more critical," he went on.

"Stability and peace is what we want in our country, and that the government finalizes the wage grid and caters to the people's needs and services, and that Lebanon remains one united, free, sovereign and independent," emphasized Nasrallah.

He concluded by affirming that "President Michel Aoun is an ally, not a Hezbollah agent...He is an independent leader who practices his convictions. He is a President who represents a popular majority of Lebanese citizens, a real guarantor...and whatever the American says is of no added value!"

Source: National News Agency

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