SANAA, The National Front to resist the Invasion and Occupation on Thursday has condemned the crimes committed by the UAE occupation forces and its mercenaries against the people of the southern provinces.

The Front said in a statement obtained by the Yemeni news agency (Saba) that since the invaders and the new occupiers took over the southern provinces three years ago, their crimes have taken many forms, starting with the kidnapping of the free people of the country, jailing them in secret prisons to the practice of various kinds of torture against them, the absence of security and stability and the spread of terrorist groups and enable them to kill and abuse the people of the occupied provinces.

The statement pointed out that among the crimes of occupation in the southern provinces, the spread of drugs and alcohol and promotion among young people in the neighborhoods of major cities in a systematic work aimed to insult the values and ethics of Yemenis to enable them to occupy the country and loot its wealth.

The statement confirmed that the crime of rape of a child in the city of Aden recently by recruits from the UAE occupation forces, revealed the nature of the criminal role of the UAE occupation forces.

The front renewed the absolute rejection of all criminal acts carried out by the UAE occupation forces in cooperation with a gang of mercenary bandits.

The statement pointed to the right of the Yemeni people to take means and ways to defend the land, including carrying arms.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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